How Many Times Can You Use a VA Loan: A Comprehensive Guide

Have become an increasingly popular choice for eligible veterans and active-duty service members. VA loans offer numerous benefits, including no down payment, competitive interest rates, and relaxed credit requirements. However, a common question that arises is, “How many times can you use a VA loan?” Intricacies of VA loan entitlement and shed light on how often you can utilize this valuable benefit.

Understanding how many times can you use a va loan Entitlement

What is VA Loan Entitlement?

Before delving into how many times can you use a va loan, it’s essential to grasp the concept of VA loan entitlement. VA loan entitlement is the amount the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) guarantees for each eligible borrower. In simple terms, it’s the financial safety net that encourages lenders to offer favorable terms to veterans and service members.

Initial VA Loan Entitlement

When a veteran or service member applies for their first loan, they are granted an initial entitlement. As of 2021, this initial entitlement is usually up to $36,000. However, it’s essential to note that this initial entitlement does not limit the total loan amount you can secure. Lenders typically allow VA borrowers to finance up to four times their available entitlement without requiring a down payment.

Using VA Loans Multiple Times

Second-Use Entitlement

Now, let’s address the question: “How many times can you use a VA loan?” After utilizing your loan benefit for the first time, you may wonder if it’s a one-time offer. Thankfully, it’s not! You can use a loan multiple times, but there are specific guidelines to follow.

Restored Entitlement

If you’ve paid off your previous loan and no longer own the property you purchased with it, you may be eligible for restored entitlement. This means that you can potentially obtain another VA loan without a significant down payment.

Bonus Entitlement

In some cases, veterans and service members may qualify for bonus entitlement. This occurs when they have a portion of their basic entitlement remaining after paying off a previous loan. This bonus entitlement can be used to secure another loan simultaneously or in the future.

Overcoming the Limits

Jumbo VA Loans

When considering how many times you can use a loan, it’s crucial to understand that there are limits to your entitlement. Where you plan to purchase a home. In high-cost areas, you may exceed the standard entitlement amount, which means you’d need to make a down payment or explore alternative financing options, such as a jumbo loan. Read more…

Combining Entitlements

Married couples who are both eligible for loans can combine their entitlements, potentially securing a more substantial loan amount. This can be a valuable strategy when purchasing a more expensive home.


In conclusion, the question of how many times you can use a VA loan is not limited to a single answer. Veterans and service members can utilize their loan benefits multiple times, thanks to restored and bonus entitlements. Understanding the intricacies of loan entitlement is crucial for making informed decisions about home financing.


1. Can I use a loan for an investment property?

No, loans are intended for primary residences, not investment properties.

2. Is there a limit to the number of loans I can use in my lifetime?

There is no strict limit to the number of loans you can use, but your entitlement and loan limits may affect your ability to obtain additional loans.

3. How can I check my remaining loan entitlement?

You can check your remaining loan entitlement by contacting the Department of Veterans Affairs or your lender, who can provide you with a Certificate of Eligibility.

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