What Is the Meaning of Car Rekey?

Car rekeying is a process that involves altering the internal components of a car lock cylinder to make existing keys incompatible while ensuring new keys function correctly. This is commonly done as a security measure, such as when a car owner loses their keys or wants to prevent the use of old keys. 

During the rekeying process, the pins inside the lock are rearranged to match a new key, rendering the old keys ineffective. You should hire professional car rekey services. It  is a cost-effective solution to enhance security without changing the entire lock mechanism.

Is It Cheaper to Rekey Car Key or Replace Locks?

In general, rekeying a car key is often more cost-effective than replacing the entire lock. The rekeying process involves modifying the existing lock cylinder, which is a less labor-intensive and resource-intensive task compared to replacing the entire lock mechanism. If the car owner wants to change the keys’ access without changing the locks themselves, rekeying is a practical and economical option. However, the decision between rekeying and replacing locks depends on the specific situation, the condition of the locks, and the level of security desired.

Hire a Expert Car Rekey Services in California

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